Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition


  • Screaming Villains

  • Screaming Villains

  • PLATFORMES: PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Genre: FMV Action
  • DATE OF EXHIBITION: August 15, 2017.

In the early 1990s, video games were experiencing their time of persecution. In that dark time, games such as Mortal Kombata and the Night Trapa caught the attention of the US government and initiated a Senate debate on the dangers and violence that the game is depicting. The whole case eventually led to the creation of the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) as we know it today. For Mortal Kombat and his fatalities we know and can imagine the concerns of the United States in the 90's. But what has this Night Trap caused to attract attention and to put it in front of the shoulder to shoulder with the brutality of Mortal Kombata?

The answer to that question lies in the game itself, of course. Originally published in 1992, she received a lot of criticism, but was also known for the extreme violence and aggression against women or minors. If I had digged the material from those years, I believe I could find a good number of video games that deserve a hearing, but if the Night Trap had to be accused of anything, it was performance and gameplay.

However, the game has become a historical exponent and part of the video game industry's historiography. On the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of its release, Indie Studio Screaming Villians decided to issue a special edition to commemorate this lost "jewel" and enable modern gaming consorts to be the owners of that piece of history. As such a re-release, I can praise the content, but not the material. I'll be vampire immediately on the sun, because the game is bad. Indeed, precisely because of a retrospective view, trashy is bad. If you own this game, you probably already know what you get … or you won it on a prize game … khem, khem. But if you are not the owner of the game, and you are not sure if you want to become, I doubt the further text will encourage you. But you never know, I believe that among you is a fan of "so bad, that is so good" kind of fun.

Ah … the 90th. When everyone brought their racket to the party.

As seen from the enclosed screen the Night Trap is an FMV game. We are in the role of members of special forces whose object is to monitor the Martin family home because they are suspected of any illegal activity. Within the house are the cameras we control, as well as the traps inside these rooms. But to make the evening more interesting, a teenage party is being organized at Martin's House, one of those suitable for slasher . And really, somehow there are vampires in all of this. That is, people dressed in black garbage bags, but somehow vampires who want to get a party participant. Our goal is to prevent these vampires from hurting girls by activating the pitfalls in the rooms we supervise at the right moment. So, the goal of the game is to rescue the subjects, not to hurt. Just as fatality, right? Incidentally, "violence" in the game has been shown comically and probably Steve Urkel had more horrible scenes of violence. The only thing that can be found offensive is the way girls are dressed and exploitation in general. Again, the nineties have offered much more offensive content, and it's amazing how the Night Trap found out, except for FMV. True, video games have just begun their penetration into a larger market and there was a time when they will be faced with criticism of "fostering" violence, propaganda, and all that

We are sorry for these strangers. And they just want out of this game.

But the history side by side. So, the gameplay is reduced to knoting the situation inside the house. Moving from one camera to another and eavesfinding conversations that reveal trap codes. Along with the vampires, the Martinites have their own plan, so we have to be careful about their move around the house. Therefore, we are looking forward to full attention on all screens, because if we talk about a new code for a bathroom trap, the person who finds it will not be doing well because we will not be able to help her. However, the game is not long. It can be over in less than an hour. But it will take a lot of frustration to master control and mechanics. The presentation itself is nice. That's what I mean about trash-sympathy. Actualities and dialogues are fun, and the original approach to FMV interaction can not be denied. But did the Night Trap charge the world for it … No.

Before taking a shower, always check out if a vampire is in the shower.

This re-launch improves certain things around the interface, so we have a more insightful situation. But if you're just looking for nostalgia, you can set the interface to look like an original. Also, the feature is convenient for the PlayStation Controller, which changes color to the color coding. With the main game we also have additions like the whole movie, and the prototype of the game, called Scene Of The Crime .

Mammoths are fun when they are not vampires

Honestly, I do not know if I can recommend this game because of my gameplay. If you are a true fanatic for the FMV game, and you are looking for a good trash / b-movie material and you want to interact in such a setting, then why not? Likewise, if you want to have a piece of history in your collection and play it on modern systems … why not? The added value of the game can be complemented by a game that looks good "bad" in the team rounds. With alcohol and good company, Night Trap is a potential fun.



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