The Switch version of Doom will not have a SnapMap Level Editor, the physical release of the game on the garden contains only a single player campaign

Bethesda and Nintendo made a really big surprise to the Nintendo Switch consoles, announcing the arrival of a great DOOM on the latest Nintendo Direct reboots to Nintendo's current console.

Of course, it has come to an end with countless questions, mostly related to the Nintendo Switch's technical capabilities, and many wondered immediately how the Switch version of the game would be different (muddled) compared to the much superior PS4, Xbox One and PC versions. One of the answers to that question came from the Nintendo directors, with the famous SnapMap Level Editor, which will never leave the Switch version.

Specifically, it was confirmed that SnapMap Level Editor will not be available in the Switch version of the game, so players will not be able to create their own folders with custom gameplay options and then play them, as in other available platforms, in turn, from Bethesde confirmed that all additional content for the game (all DLCs available so far) will be free of charge.

What is also a little surprising is the fact that the physical release of games on Switch Garden will contain only a single player campaign and that multiplayer modes will need to be downloaded from Nintendo eShop through free game upgrades. On the other hand, if you decide to buy a digital edition of the game through eShop, you expect a complete edition of the game you will download in a piece.

DOOM would have to switch on Switch during the Blessed, but the concrete date of his arrival is not yet known.