Everybody 's Golf


  • DEVELOPER: Clap Hanz, SIE Japan Studio
  • PUBLISHER: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Platform: PS4
  • genre: sport game, golf simulation
  • DATE OF EXHIBITION: August 29, 2017

After half a decade, the Clap Handza team finally decided to give us a new sequel to their hit hit Everybody's Golf. Why we had to wait so long – we do not know, but the wave of enthusiasm was noticeable to a large number of gaming populations when the game was announced two years ago. Now, in the form of the exclusive PlayStation 4, brings us good, old-known gameplay as well as its recognizable visual and style, and open-world elements and special online system. Let's look at whether all this was enough to justify the delight of a large number of fans who were eagerly awaiting the game without which they were so long

Everybody's Golf does not complicate too much with your starting menu, or with any kind of hub where your avatar is located. The game, from the biggest news, brings you more advanced customization characters, as well as the ability level-up of your abilities, ie stick . Each stick you play and play with has four features: power, control, backspin and backdoor (most of the ability to hit the ball for a short distance from the hole). The hub has been well explained in the first few minutes of single player modes to online components that should boost competition among players when they "get bored" playing. But there is a lot in the solitude of playing. Beginning with the standard pitches where you can play better with mini-bosses and bosses ( or other characters with minimal characterization), after which you go to the new rank rank rank ] terrain and challenges. The game brings additional fun to the collection of new items for your character, as well as new sticks, balls, various extra challenges outside the nine, six, eighteen or how much you want the hole. By advancing through the Rankings you get, along with new terrains (19459015) and new abilities to hit the ball, which will additionally be explained through through the so-called boss battle. Some things that improve the golfing experience are coming sporadically through passing over the terrain, sometimes and several times, which can be more tedious at higher ranges, especially if you do not finish first and get the maximum number of points, but that depends on how much you like this type of game and how important the rewards you get from it is.

In order to get as many people as you like the game Clap Hanza has always been an important gameplay that is the greatest force of the series, so is the case with this game Beautiful terrains, standard traps such as strong winds, sandy parts, trees, are complemented by the excellent golfing mechanics that has never even sought further improvement. So, fortunately, this version also remains. The game clarifies all the features of this mechanics, and any additional advancements that bring new palettes or your wins are also clearly explained. It is still the right pleasure to play this golf, whether it is good or bad in the timing of a shot on the line at the bottom of the screen (while watching the level of terrain and wind) or not.

playing playing playing playing gaming the greatest news for the series. In essence, they fulfill their purpose, but never have the impression that it could not be without that. There is no special experience, no challenge, no sense of research. Moving with this space is quite easy to do, from walking, jogging, jumping and swimming, and later you get the caddy that can help you explore that environment. Some special items are "opened" and "hide" in your area, which lightly spices the experience of self-playing, but there remains the feeling that it could easily be without, as well as without a large number of NPCs occupy the area and give you some tips you will often be familiar with. Where these particularities of research and running make more sense Turf War, a special online multiplayer mode where you randomly enter the red or blue team and you are competing on who will gather a larger number points on the holes you need to come by as soon as possible. Such matches are time limited to ten minutes, and all of them in the team are in the final sum for your team. The holes that are available can be repeated if your team misses a few points to be the winners in that hole, and you can go to the other and create the advantage there. From each of the points scored, the winner of that hole is determined, and ultimately the team that wins on the basis of more points (the defeated holes). What is to be understood only later is that for the achievement of significant advantages in Turf War the necessary micro-transactions are already in the community. The unexpected part of the game, more precisely multiplayer works in which you can not simply prosper or be part of the elite is spending money. Specifically, you can also buy and upgrade your clubs by using the gems that you can get and frequent playing (grinding) in the game and the same gems. And multiplayer multiplayer and farming, as an alternative to spending money to be more competitive and at the top of the ladder, will probably not be all too tempting.

online online is a daily task, a specific field where you are competing for the best score entering the online scoreboard and finkcionaza the rest online playing. You have a variety of terrains, depending on your hull, and the holes on which you are trying to achieve the best result and catching other players on the list.

Graphics and sound did not bounce supersportly from previous sequences. At times, if it were not to blame someone for thinking that it was a PlayStation 3 game, yet visual progress is visible, just as much as this game needs, primarily on the design of the characters. Characters' voices, kicks, a bar of strength to determine the strength of a strokes, sticks, balls, wider and smaller holes, are all made in the same way as in previous games, which is certainly what they are looking for in this new game. Some will certainly consider it a greater menace than it is in reality, but it will never be able to say that the game promised something more than what it has brought.

open-world singles play the feeling of farming rather than advancing and playing is the main feature of a game that does not throw away. But do not break the game up to these limits that we are not happy about again having the best golf game on the consoles . There is hope for Clap Hanz to occasionally insert new content and to use the console options of today's time and to show that difference with regard to the previous sequences, and that we will enjoy additional content in the game and new challenges for the next year. Everything else is the way it should be and makes us happy. The question remains for how long.