7 TV series to be good video games

In the last few years, we live in a time often called the Golden Years of TV. The reason for this is that for a relatively long time the TV series are becoming more and more quality, more prestigious for Hollywood A actors and directors, and more and more money is invested in them. Today it's quite normal that the season of some TV series has a bigger budget than the Hollywood A movie! If we do not go into deeper reasons and themes, since the subject matter for another text, or perhaps a portal, what we will present here are some suggestions that would make the series a good or a great game. The choice was quite difficult, and certainly has its own flaws, but we had to limit ourselves to a number that is in this case 7.

This is our choice, and if you agree or have your thoughts and suggestions feel free to comment on this article

first Black Sails

Four (more than solid) seasons of this pirate sage come as a real surprise and refreshment, both in their theme and quality. Pirate themes, with the exception of the Pirate of the Caribbean, did not often or inadequately come on TV screens. Black Sails had a solid action, extremely interesting and diverse characters, many moral doubts, and often did not enter the cliché. All this combined with truly brilliant music and top-of-the-line production and casting has resulted in a product that would surely be seen in the game as well. They were pirates in that field and generally went better than on TV, and Assassin's Creed was more than solid with pirate themes. So can it!

Black Sails would most likely have been seen as an RPG with an emphasis on the action section.

Such an epic intro is rarely seen.

2nd Into the Badlands

This series of post-apocalyptic themes came as a solid surprise a few years ago. Though it certainly does not fall into the top of TV productions, the series is a handsome mix of post-apocalypse, martial arts taken from Chinese films and its seting into a regressive feudal setting, with a small but significant SF add-on your niche and gave something we do not see on TV. The main character we follow in the series is a member of "Clippers," which is a kind of combination between a samurai and a medieval knight. These Clippers form the backbone of the army of their feudal lords, who with their help maintain a ruthless futuristic version of feudalism in the area called "Badlands."

Given the fact that the series itself is the same, there could be a multi-genre game, from strategy to RPG, and for everybody to make a good game

3rd Vikings

The series is, you guessed, about … The Vikings! From the production of the History Channel, we generally expect nothing but a glimpse of aliens or reality about geniuses lurking in the ceiling or catching glisten, however wonderfully feasible, proved this super-good series! In his 4 previous seasons, the story series was followed by the Nordic Mythic hero Ragnar and his family, from modest days farmer to king, legends and fear for numerous kingdoms. By combining the contents of Nordic myths, historical events and personalities, and with little creative freedom, the series creators have managed to make something from the Viking that can easily stand on their shoulders with and where to buy and currently the most popular series of similar themes, the Game of Thrones . Moreover, GoT's producers could learn a few things from a team working at the Vikings. The most important feature of this series is that the Vikings do not appear idealist at all, they are more or less realistic in the context of the time. The only thing that breaks the series is the uniform costume design of the army of their enemies, as well as the absence of armor and metal armor … but well, no one is perfect.

As far as the genre of the game is concerned, the Viking could actually do whatever you think. Action RPG or adventure, strategy or a combination of all of the above. Fantastic music in Wardun performances and memorable characters will surely like to be seen and heard in a story on a gaming platform.

4th Ash Vs. Evil Dead

How to describe this series? Let's just do this .. Sam Raimi (Xena, Hercules, Spartak …) gives Bruce Campbell a handwheel to the motorbike and helicopter and sends him waves of owls. Suffice it.

What do we want and expect from this game? And certainly something similar with the addition of humor and such a story. Desires are once simply simple.

5. Boardwalk Empire

Five seasons of this series of mafia issues reminded us how much time is the prohibition in the US and the whole story about the mafia at that time is actually a gold mine for good stories in almost every format. The legendary Steve Buscemi in the series embodies the main character, I will not say the heroes, a respected member of the community, a politician and, of course, a de facto feudal lord of Atlantic City, because it is by the way the head of a mafia organization that runs all that can be done in that city

Which genre would you choose for this mafia theme game? Some RPGs with a lot of managerial elements and mafia counts would be more than convenient.

6th Almost Human

Almost Human is a prone to lift the jewel that reminds us roughly that in spite of the expanding quality of the TV series, in this industry, sometimes the total idiots are still working. The action of this series takes place in a not so distant future in which the police are in painstaking struggle against crime in extremely complicated times of unseen technological expansion. Police Officer Incorporating Chronically Underrated Karl Urban reluctantly joins forces with a robot-partner, interpreted by the same excellent Michael Elay, and together deal with complicated crimes. The series had a really great cast as well as characters, and an interesting premise of technology-related ethics, and hence its impact on humans and humanity as such, but with all this, it does not even drop the very perfect dose of humor. casting

The genre in which this story would be great would be some detective adventure with some action parts!

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In addition, the main hero is not a fan of artificial intelligence or technology.

7th Dexter

In the 8 bleeding seasons series of autistic serial killer blood was racing, dead on export, and interesting situations and characters and more than enough. All this makes it a pretty solid premise for a completely solid game. Getting into Dexter's role as made by the excellent Michael C. Hall would surely be more than fun. The action would not be missing and it would be quite interesting to be involved in the role of a serial killer whose father, or a policeman, learned to "positively" direct his "nature", and in this case kill other serial killers and every kind of gang that is unmatched by hand Justice.

How To Dexter To Switch To The World Of Video Games? adventure adventure or RPG with a pronounced stealth would be more than perfect match and a nice addition would be if the creators of the game saw Hellblade Dexter talks to his inner demons (I do not count the mobile game)

Our 7 Ideas Are Here, What Are Yours?