Last Day of June


  • DEVELOPER: Ovosonic
  • 505 Games

  • Genre: Adventure
  • DATE OF EXHIBITION: August 31, 2017

What would we do to save the life of a person we love? Absolutely everything, is not it? We would not choose the means to protect those we love, that's for sure. If we could, we would go back in time and try hard to do everything in order to prevent some of the events that deprived our loved ones. Eh, when we could only have time to return …

But what if we could really do that? Would the outcome of our attempts to change the past really produce a fruit or just find it tangled in the unlimited whirlwind of the butterfly effect from which we would not be able to get so easy? These are some of the questions that Last Day of June is about, a new game shared by Massimo Guarini (Murasaki Baby) and Steven Wilson of Ovosonic, one of the latest progressive rock trivia today, whose "Video Drive" video actually served as an inspiration for this unusual achievement, which is also one of the best and most memorable gaming dreams we have had a chance to experience and experience.

If I could turn back the Hands of Time ..

Last Day of June is a narrative-focused interactive puzzle adventure that specifically deals with the theme of the inevitability of death and pain, or the consequences that hit us sharply after such a shocking event. It is a game that deals with "what if?", Constantly playing on the map of emotions, causing us an extremely wide range of them, starting with frustration, anger, sorrow, (vain) hopes and constantly fresh pain that never leaves us.

Eh the love, eh the romance ..

Namely, the action of this sombre and extremely atmospheric achievement in a very unpleasant but real way shows us how it looks when we have someone, love it, and then lose it. Through such an emotional terror, Carl is the main protagonist of the game, whose idyllic and loving life fills the life of a beautiful autumn fall into a real personal hell after he and his love June experience the traffic accident in which June dies, and Carl remains immobile from the waist down, permanently attached to the wheelchairs and left to cope daily with their pain, both physically and mentally.

At one time everything is perfect, but then ..

The action of the game takes place several years after the tragic death of June. I am completely and mercilessly attached to a wheelchair, always struggling with the ghosts of the past, Carl can hardly find that June is dead, but someday he gets the chance to try to change the past and thus prevent the tragedy that happened on that fatal day. One heavy and sumptuous night, Carl reveals that Juneine's old pictures allow him to return time and try to manipulate events to prevent tragedy and thus save June, and all he can do to influence events, Carl will find out from the perspective of several others the characters in his and Juneine life were present on that fatal day. But can Carl really stop something inevitably like death, and whether there is a way to deceive or ultimately fall into the dwarf fight against the windmill and the good old Einstein definition of madness, we will find out for 3-4 hours as much as we need to we're going to end this upset emotional rollercoaster.

.. at the next moment we are alone, abandoned and desperate …

Heartbreaking Groundhog Day

While on the narrative and production side, it simply shines through something completely new, the Last Day of June in the field of gameplay brings a fairly changeable situation that is reflected in its simplicity and repetition, which definitely will not appeal to anyone. ]

Uberite flower, play with him "loves me, does not like it" or give it to her beloved June and put it in her hair – it's entirely up to you

Last Day of June is a game that is also intended for those who do not play games regularly, so it's no wonder its simple gameplay premise that is reflected in the classic adventurous concept of site research and solving logical problems with the goal of further progress. It is a game in which the first thing we do is absolutely nothing but wandering from location to location and occasionally pressing X or some QTE combination to move on. Yes, all this looks the first, but not the other, since the game brings us into a rather complex gameplay situation, in which we are constantly experiencing the same event, doing the same things and waiting for a drastic change in an attempt to change the final outcome of the event.

Playing with other characters is the right refreshment and never boring

[June191909006] Namely, Juneine's paintings actually serve us as portals to go back to the past, which we use to influence a series of events that would lead to a fatal event in which June tragically lost life, but the thing is that passing through each from the portal we actually take over the role of one of the few side characters (the lonely boy who is looking for a game company, the older man who has a special delivery for June, a woman who wants to leave this little community …) who were active and passive in touch with Carlo and June during that fateful day. Each of the side characters is interesting in their own way and differs according to their abilities (eg the boy is unable to open a large and heavy door, but can therefore be passed through holes through which other characters can not pass.) What is going to be a bit weaker for experienced players during the game is to create puzzles and a special system for solving them, which requires them to access them through attempts and errors (no matter how simple and obvious) because each action from the perspectives of a character causes reaction to other characters thus automatically affecting the final outcome, so it is necessary to arrange for each of the characters in order to get an adequate and desired response that will affect the further development of the story. All this can be quite repetitive because after every transition between the characters we will have to go through the entire story that has happened so far, without the possibility of skipping the same, which still knows how to kill the will and the desire for further gaming, but even in spite of the repetitive gameplay , the story and the atmosphere of the Last Day of June will make it easy to the end of the game.

An emotional atmospheric picture of heart and leaves breathless

The most striking segment of this game is certainly her story, a full narrative aspect, and of course a beautiful visual style and music that will not leave anyone indifferent. First of all, the story of the game is perfectly blended in such a way that each of your atmospheres is simply emotionally exhausted, first giving you hope and then getting disgruntled, leaving you emotionally broken and scratched, all without any words spoken, since the entire dialog Strange games are played through non-verbal communication, where mimics and suggestions are so intense that any extra text is simply redundant (the best and most difficult moments in the game are those at the present, where we have a broken and rough Carla, helpless to do anything – live them, everything will be clear to you ..)

Almost every scene with its dazzling emotional color leaves breathless

From the audiovisual aspect, with no exaggeration, Last Day of June is in its own way one of the most beautiful games of this generation, each of which spells a million words, leaving us breathlessly. The hand-painted colorful artwork with an aquarelle style and a fantastic artistic expression inspired by some of the grotesque and abstract works of Tim Burton and Van Gogh, along with the memorable emotional and atmospheric musical Steven Wilson, who strike wherever they need, turns every scene out of the game into a revival and a glittering image that is played in front of our eyes, and what is rarely seen in today's games and precisely because of all of the above, the Last Day of June is another reason why we should put video games in art because they really are.

Moments with lonely Carlo in dark present have a special emotional weight

And while the audiovisual side of the game is truly brilliant, the situation with its performance is far behind. First of all, I think of a somewhat slower performance and an exceptionally long load share between transition from character to character, often lasting half a minute, and when we consider that we often change characters in a game, the situation is quite clear and at times frustrating. But all problems and defects quickly fall into another plan when we get control over some of the characters

For Everyone Who Loved, So Lost

Last Day of June will surely share the gaming audience, but one thing is for sure no one can argue about it – it's a top piece of art that will rarely leave it indifferent, primarily because of its heartbreaking story and the entire audiovisual side really strike the creative and emotional side of every player or plain spectator, and what you, you will admit, at the seaside of today's unbridled robotic blockbusters we've been stuffed daily, is really a little refreshing