Warriors All-Stars


  • DEVELOPER: Omega Force
  • Koei Tecmo

  • ANIMALS: Hack and slash action
  • DATE OF EXHIBITION: 1 st of 2017.

When Omega Force and Koei Tecmo are doing a game, they know who they are doing. Warriors All-Star is one of their most recent projects, hack and slash musou game that was announced by all the fans of the genre as well as other Koei Tecmo characters announced for this cross -over extravaganza. Warriors All-Stars finally came this September and brought with them all the special features of the arcade version, a large number of characters, the action and atmosphere of the genre, and so many aspects that require a closer look and evaluation. The same will be attempted in this review.


Atelier, Dead or Alive, Deception, Dynasty Warriors, Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time, Nights of Azure, Ninja Gaiden, Nioh, Opoona, Rio, Samurai Cats, Samurai Warriors, Toukiden: The Age of Demons. If you are familiar with at least half of these series, then this game is definitely for you. Out of these series (some of the planetary popular and some opaque) there are more than 30 playable characters in the game, which is one of the most powerful forces of Warriors All-Old and a justification for such a name. And, quite rightly, Kasumi, Ryu Hayabus, William Adams, HorĂ², all dress up in their style and characterization through an even decent story that allows them to connect all these characters. Namely, the kingdom that rests on the power of a natural source is in danger, since the source itself, after the death of the king, remains without its power. His three children, Tamaki and Shiki, as well as their Setsun relatives try to restore the power of the source using the magic that brings various heroes from other dimensions, while also trying to take over the throne.

When you have over 30 characters out of dozens of franchises, a solid story becomes a challenge

The arrival of all these heroes did not go with the plan, so all are scattered across various parts of the kingdom and later cooperate with only one of the three children (potential heirs) and fight with the other two teams to help their " summoners "and finally returned home. The story that mixes predictable premise and some classic characters also brings a good starting point for creating three "clans" and three different versions of the campaign. Your lead and the way to the story is determined by choosing one of the characters you will play story mode and that character will be logically split into a faction with similar characters, either from the same franchise or some similar. So Will William from NiOh will logically match Ryu Hayabus (they will probably be at least outside of Japan), and Kasumi (my first choice) will be part of Setsunna's faction together with Arnica and Marie Rose. The reaction of known characters within the faction will be an important and fun game of detail, and their shared powers and moves are a special experience. Of course, all this will make sense if at least you know most of the characters, or you're willing to let this kind of games and characters go. Despite the fact that it requires the knowledge of all the series and at least the basic understanding of this style, design and atmosphere, the game leaves space for the total beginners as far as this genre is concerned, making clear tutorial a detailed explanation of all aspects of playing and, actually, simple and fun gameplay.

What do you think, how many people chose Hayabus to start your journey?


Plays you very quickly after the introductory part and explains all the moves and opportunities you bring to the central hub where you can talk to NPCs, practice and buy items that enhance your characters. Initially, you have three people in the team and you will perform several initial missions with them. Entering the mission is presented in this game through a standard featured pointing point where your characters are recommended level is the main mission goal and possible reward. The awards range from new characters in the team to additional earnings experience points and expanding your army by the kingdom, to ultimately bring your potential successor to the throne. With this main story, you will come across any additional mini bosses and bosses special dialogs with other characters, and optional side missions that make certain awards. In essence, all missions are reduced to the destruction of a large number of opponents button-mashing that incorporates some special sub-missions if your leader's protection of the base or collection of certain isotopes. But, it soon becomes clear that everything comes down to, for this genre the standard button-mashanje running, jumping and enjoying all the possible moves. Although it sounds simplistic, it is actually quite fun and contagious, and it quickly becomes clear why this genre is still popular, both in Japan and beyond.

As far as devoted to anything in the gameplay outside of the combat strings itself, it's apparent from the very first moment you're trying to manage your character. The controls are too sensitive and your character is sneaking fast on the field, colliding with the plants, the walls, and passing, without any sense to hit those things. The amount of enemy on one screen has apparently limited the appearance of all those terrible abandoned sites, and each part of it, the one that is stationary and the one that is stationary is virtually lifeless and unchangeable. Jumping and managing a picture is in most cases chaotic, and in this case, the camera has its own problems during bulk battles. The game simply does not hide, that we are there for the fight and button-mashanja and all those nice moves that are so easy to perform.

Enemies, though diverse at first glance, actually become quite straightforward and predictable

light and heavy are full of special energy with which you can make special moves by pressing one button. Also, you can use a simple combination of two keys to help one of your team members and in the type of team team attack to solve large amounts of enemies. Since you have 4 more people in your team who can help you, and their use is somewhat limited by meter that is empty after use, the equation includes planning when and how you will use your characters' help. Although, at the easiest levels of gameplay, it's pretty much the same when you do it, because with them you always have some extra options and special moves to solve a large number of enemies. Also, one of the newer and happiest moves (presented in gameplay below) brings you a weird rush mode where you enter your team's semi-open breaking of all opponents by doing so huge combo attack.