Rune is back in fashion – another PC classic returns …

Viking and epic fantasies are never enough, right? This is what game developers are aware of, which almost every day bombarded us with such content, but when such a game is announced by Human Head Studios, the development team responsible for the original game Prey, who disappeared from the gaming scene after the cancellation of Preya 2, we certainly can not remain indifferent, especially as it is about announcing a kind of continuation of the second known slogan of this development team, the legendary viking action RPG from 2001, the Run game.

Human Head Studios announced officially Rune: Ragnarok, the open world sanbox RPG and the sequel to Rune, which reaches us for 17 years after his release

Development of Rune: Ragnaroka is supported by a relatively unknown gaming production and financial company ESDF Management, and the game itself should take place this time in a large open and brutal mythological world, including the Nordic gods who are trying to prevent the end of the world, known yet and as Ragnarok.

This time, the players will come face to face with the Nordic gods who will give them special abilities (hm, where have we seen this?), And besides the classic fight against various beats from Nordic mythology, players will this time on their behalf gods of power and attack and plunder opposing villages, sail to the farthest parts of the North Sea, fight dead hordes, or create powerful weapons thanks to a complex crafting system.

More details about Rune: Ragnaroku is currently unknown, and no known platforms are mentioned (PC version should not be questionable) so we will have to meet the newest teaser trailer until the release of new information