Is Final Fantasy XV coming to Nintendo Switch?

Rediscovering Final Fantasy's fifteenth succession, Hajime Tabata appeared today at Twitch to present all the news related to the game. But what has also been noted during the interview with the director when it comes to the future of the game is that it clearly made it clear that it was coming to the Nintendo console: "There is another console that could fall to your mind and its name is reminiscent With Twitch page ". Though nothing has been confirmed, Tabata said his team was working on new content for the game and thinking of future projects and wanted the 15th continuation to be accessible to everyone.

Since Final Fantasy XV approaches often as a separate extension or even a separate series, it would not be strange to have a different version of the game on the Switch, or spin-off . We remind you, Gamescom also introduced the mobile version of the game, FF XV Pocket Edition . What exactly is to be missed during this Gamescom, but there will certainly be more specific information by the end of the year.