The Crew 2 will have Harley Davidson motorcycles

Every fan lovers will delight the latest information that came to us from Ubisoft – the upcoming open world racing game of Ubisoft's Ivory Tower The Crew 2, will also have Harley Davidson motorcycle.

From Ubisoft, they discover that partnerships with Harley Davidson have been decided after numerous requests received mainly by older players and big fans of these US motorcycles, considering that coming Harley's models to the game could further encourage younger players to love motosport.

Consequently, the first Harley who is expecting us to play is presented, and Iron 883 is a model, which you can see on the title page of the article. Then there are some additional models expected to be discovered later.

The Crew 2, according to currently available sales information, should be seen early next year, and Ivory Tower is currently developing it for the PS4, Xbox One and PC