Night Trap – The 25th Anniversary Edition available in sales, a launch trailer

Night Trap – 25th Anniversary Edition, re-launching the cult of the same name and at the same time a controversial live action game, finally arrived at the sale, Along with it and the appropriate launch trailer.

For those younger players as well as for those who meet for the first time with the Night Trap game, an interactive movie released by the Digital Pictures development team in 1992 on the Sega / Mega CD console. The action of the game revolves around a group of young girls who spend a weekend in a big villa, and as a member of the Special Control Attack Team, we are monitoring and protecting them from the vampires by controlling the complex system of traps and cameras set up throughout the house

What the original Night Trap game is still known are the controversies that followed her outing. Since the 1990s were a very different time, and adult content in video games was treated differently at that time, those acting in the past were playing the game on the knife, which was due to the nakedness of the violence and the extent to which they were successful in their intentions, It is best to say that the game has been withdrawn from sales in many markets and that it was one of the main reasons for creating an ESRB rating that is still present.

The Night Trap – The 25th Anniversary Edition is currently available on PS4 (now only on the North American market, the European release is expected next month) and PC platforms, and the Xbox One version is supposed to be served soon. You can expect a GG review of the game soon, and with it awaits you a bit of a surprise.