THQ Nordic Announces Black Mirror Reboot

When THQ Nordic recently introduced its Gamescom 2017 lineup revealing that there are two yet unannounced projects Which is a continuation of the well-known horror series, many (including the GG.hr team) have thought that at Gamescom 2017 we expect the announcement of the new Painkiller game. Today, a few days before the beginning of this trade fair, we learned about the game, and immediately to say – it's not a new painkiller.

Namely, THQ NOrdic announced Black Mirror, a modern reboot of the same Gothic PC horror adventure that we could play at the beginning of this century.

Black Mirror is being developed by the German development team of KING Art Games, known for The Book of Unwritten Tales and The Dwarves. The game is currently under development for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, and Linux, and we should see it in sale at the end of this year, more precisely on November 28.

The action of Black Mirror will be followed by David Gordon, a man who never knew his alienated father, who remains surprised after receiving a call to visit a family home on Scottish hills where his father just allegedly committed suicide under pretty suspicious circumstances. Determined to investigate the whole case and to find out something about our family about whom we do not know anything, David will have to solve the many mysteries that surround the whole case and find out the true truth

Together with the announcement of the game, there was also an appropriate trailer and several screensavers and art, and at Gamescom there is an awesome demo for us. Black Mirror