With the expansion of its development base, Ubisoft has officially confirmed that it has opened a new studio in Stockholm, which will probably be named Ubisoft Stockholm in accordance with its tradition. Ubisoft has opened a new studio in Stockholm

Head of Ubisoft Stockholm will be Patrick Bach, who has worked as a general manager in the Swedish Development Team EA DICE after 15 years, working on developing games such as Star Wars: Battlefront, Mirror's Edge Catalyst and almost all newer Battlefield games Many others, and his experience will be vitally important for the development of the new Avatar game, featuring Ubisoft's Swedish Ubisoft Development Team, Ubisoft Massive, with which Ubisoft Stockholm will work closely together

Over the next two years, Ubisoft Stockholm will offer even 100 new jobs, while Massive will be richer for as many as 200 employees, and we can expect from these two development teams in the future, but we can only guess but probably Focused on the development of Avatars and the continuation of The Division.