Obduction at the end of the month comes to the PlayStation 4, confirmed and full optional support for PSVR

Obduction, the long-awaited spiritual successor of the Cyan team-building classmate, Myst's cult adventure, will be on PlayStation 4 this month, And pre-order the same as a gift, we expect an exclusive PS4 theme.

The PS4 version of Obduction's sale will arrive on August 29, exactly one year after the game appeared on Steam (August 24, 2016), in addition to its support for PlayStation VR, which, according to creative Director and Chief of Cyan Rand Miller was not just embarrassed as a cosmetic addition, but has been applied since the beginning of the game.

For those who are unfamiliar with this achievement, Obduction is a SF adventure from the perspective of the first person in which we take on the role of an unknown protagonist who is stuck in the unusual fantasy world that represents the symbiosis of human and extraterrestrial, and on that the research of that world is trying to decipher Where and what actually is happening.

As Obduction looks at PlayStation 4, take a look at the new short trailer that we bring you below.