Support the Platform Rising Dusk on Kickstarter

If you are one of those good souls who fund various promising games via the Kickstarter and other campaigns, be sure to see what Rising Dusk brings you . The author of the game, Lukas Stobie (from Indie Studio, Studio Stobie) presents the game as a retro 2D puzzle platformer with special features related to the coins you play as a girl in Tamako. Namely, the number of coins that Tamako has depends on various obstacles (dice) with numbers that need to be solved in the way. Like any platformer you hold to yourself and this one has special items that you must find by but also various other challenges. If you are interested in more, you can even download the demo for the game .

Rising Dusk is on Kickstarte for another 26 days, trying to reach 7500 Australian dollars