The Last of Us: Part II allegedly located in Seattle

We still do not know much about The Last of Us: Part II. The Naughty Dogs are working hard on the new Uncharted, which is why the second of their great franchisees is a bit of a break. However, this did not prevent fans from speculating about game-related details based on published screensavers drawn from trailer so the most popular theory is recently tied to the location where the game will be located. According to them, it is Seattle, and how fans come to it you can see in detail on the income.

However, it would be naïve to expect the action to happen only in Seattle, even if it is true. Let's not forget, all of these conclusions were made based on the trailer that could only show a small part of the game. In any case, when there is no concrete new information, this is also a source of guesswork.