5 Mobile Games to Boost Summer Heat

Of course, this is a lie, no mobile game can help you with a heat stroke, heavy air, and sweat that crashes you from your forehead. There is sea, there is air conditioning, and in such situations everything can be even better if you play a certain uncompromising game. While many mobile games are only seemingly compulsory, before they get bogged down with day-to-day challenges, micro-transactions, and other beauties, it's a story for some other text. Also, there are other things that can spice you nice summer, but that's the same story for another text. Let's go back to the mobile hits that will undoubtedly get stuck and burn in the next few months.

5. Tennis Champions

In the absence of true and high quality tennis games, Tennis Champions may sometimes also be available from this spring on mobile devices (iOS and Android devices). Brings multiplayer matches to other players and players in which you invest some virtual money to win more of that money by winning and spending the same on better equipment. The controls are … in the absence of better, and more truthful words – interesting. They rely heavily on the touch screen and swipe but they do not make too much sense of tennis, despite claiming on official screens . But it is good to try during the boring afternoons.

4th Crazy Taxi Gazillionaire

And here's a bit of nostalgia and old classic titles in the new dress! Segin hit Crazy Taxi has always been a crazy, overwhelming and dynamic title that has led to the unforgettable driving of city streets and earning a variety of guests with different requirements. That's why we are a bit confused that the latest mobile game of this franchise is actually a management game. Yes, you control your drivers through various cities, send them to places, invest in new vehicles and work power, and just tap and tap while virtual characters are having the most fun driving. Plus, it's certainly a game that's free, and minus that in a few minutes those who are "not on you" with the genre will have nothing to do.

The color of the eyes, a good audio-visual presentation, and just the name behind the title will probably still be enough to keep some of the franchise fans for a while.

3rd Pirate Match Adventure

For some reason, a pirated game that combines different colored stones never misses. Pirate Match Adventure the first game by the Spanish Playgram Games developer team, is one of the newer and better. The game brings the standard joining of stoned stones into a classic combination of three gameplay pulling the longer lines on the screen, while bringing additional content with the pirate battles taking place during the play of each challenge. While leveling your ship, you are attacking a variety of animals and other pirates, so you have to deal with the puzzle part of the level as soon as possible to pass intact.

Power Treasures power ups but also characters (crew members), and this additional content, though somewhat neglected, can bring even more enthusiasm. In any case, the game is one of the nicest and newest genres, so it is worth trying.

2nd Star Wars: Puzzle Droids

When we're already in the game, and Disney has its own horse for the race . The high-end, licensed Star Wars game with BB8 in its main role brings beautiful, complex and fun puzzles spread throughout the Star Wars world. soundtrack and Star Wars Mood that will accompany you through the standard puzzles that occasionally make a good dose of Star Wars Shield and Innovation with power-up a. Certainly something you should not miss this summer, as far as mobile games are concerned.

1.Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow

After Simpson, Groening and writers Futurame have teamed up in a new adventure that takes these characters into the world of mobile games. Pola city building pola retro turn based RPG title, game brings different characters, locations and a whole new story of collecting ancient artifacts through the galaxy to restore balance in space-time continuity. World of Tomorrow is an indispensable summer game for all who are called Futurama fans although it could be a bit of a glimpse of this enthusiasm. Of course, the overriding reason is the huge amount of micro-transactions, as well as the painstaking waiting to build something or someone learn a new skill. But until everything becomes tedious, you will have at least a chance to try the retro RPG game a couple of times that is pretty nice.

The game is available on and on Android and on iOS devices it's free (except for micro-transactions of course), and how seriously accessing the story you can see in story trailer