4 vs 4 PvP arrives at Ghost Recon: Wildlands, soon we expect a beta

Ubisoft was pleasantly surprised by announcing the release of a free PvP update for Ghost Recon Wildlands this fall. The update will include a new gameplay called Ghost War, in which two teams of four players compete in a timid deathmatch style.

Ghost War should take place on large maps on which dangerous field players will need to learn the best deal to secure victory for their team. Additionally, the new mode should be based on classes, which should be six, but Ubisoft has not yet published the details or one, although the trailer, which you can look below, you can conclude that as one of the game classes you will be a sniper.

Although Ghost War will only be released soon, but later this summer announced an open beta, and everyone interested should be able to try it soon.