Micro Machines World Series


  • DEVELOPER: Codemasters, Just Add Water
  • PUBLISHER: Electronic Arts
  • PLATFORMES: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC
  • YEAR arcade race
  • DATE OF EXHIBITION: 30 June 2017.

Ah, Micro Machines. It makes no sense to pretend that this game, as well as many in the last few months, play the nostalgia of more experienced gamers and gamers, and that this game will be the first to hang around. Micro Machines, a small-toy model cartoon-based series that is trying to incorporate some of today's children's products (eg Nerf guns), is no longer a representative of the best arcade races on PC or PlayStation, even in the best days. But some of the games, such as the V3, have provided a very large number of multiplayer and single player enthusiasts on their tracks, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and gardens to run miniature crazy Cars and brought some freshness to the offer of games to many. Will It Be Equally Fresh In 2017?

Ok, can I play right now?


The problem with this Codemasters decision to return one of its most successful games lies in the fact that we already have that game. On cell phones. The Micro Machines are two years after the release and are still extremely entertaining and playable online game that allows painless pairing with other players, collecting parts for new cars and offering three main modes: race, elimination And battle mode . Despite micro-transactions, gambling around the world is pretty much loved, and control over tablets or mobile phones naturally matches the style of the game. Not to mention the visuals, which completely meet some of today's mobile gaming criteria. It is therefore impossible to avoid viewing the console version through this modest mobile hit, and here we come to the word "problem."

Where to look, on the map, madness on the screen, result, available weapons

World Series has somehow managed to ignore some successful parts of the mobile version or, when switching to something that is supposed to be a much bigger game, it spoils. Let's just start from the box opening system, which only brings cosmetic changes here, but it does not allow you to create new cars. Even in the same way (read fun), the opening of these boxes, which were in the case of a mobile game, were packets that you had to tune the screen. Furthermore, the camera that behaved much better in the mobile version here is more distant. This gives you a better overview of the trail and the vehicle on the track, but at the same time makes it a bit more difficult to see the vehicles themselves, unless you have a better, stronger television (probably). Furthermore, the entire console version, which may have space and should have time to make single player mode does not have the same mode. It took over online only principle of mobile gaming, but, at least in my case, pairing is much harder. Sometimes it takes up to five minutes to find the interested people to play, and sometimes when they find it, the tie falls before the start of the match. An extremely frustrating aspect of the game that will primarily reject those who are just starting to play and who are not even familiar with the concept of gaming and management. No training mode no exercise option, the game automatically throws you into quick play or, when you reach the sixth level ranking battles and leads to mercy and helplessness Other players. True, such games exist today (there have been before, especially FPSs) but you do not expect them from Micro Machines. There is, of course, the local multiplayer but this does not seem sufficient for offline the experience of playing such a game.

Vehicles can be improved and edited, but not in any way that makes any difference in race

Although there are no overly similarities to the Rocket League game, the popular indie title, I've caught a couple of times thinking about the game. Somehow there are too many similar aspects, though MM is much older game – odd cars, online playing, cosmetic awards, visual style. I hope Codemasters did not get the encouragement to make the console version of the game because of the Rocket League, because, though, they are quite different and RL is overwhelming to depend only on it. And, indeed, the World Series has a bit more versatile battle mode giving you rest from racing and offering special weapons for each of the available characters / vehicles, collecting other power ups (huge hammers, mines , Acceleration, everything is still there, with a couple of newspapers like the Nerf rifle), but the question is how many people bought the game and was happy about it because of that kind of gameplay. I, for example, I am not.

Although we have 12 vehicles in the game and the alleged personality of each of them, this is a little bit noticeable

Racing by itself has been made pretty good. Management and control are precise and occasionally chaotic, becoming less and less playful and with your learning of beautiful and interesting trails and shortcuts. Unfortunately, these trails do not have much to date. If gameplay lasts, there will be some new tracks and maybe some characters (cars), but after a few hours of playing a lot of tracks becomes predictable, even though it does not mean that you will be the first in races. Indeed, your opponents are as prepared and experienced as you are, and the victory in this game really returns to roots – depends on power bumps, accidental mistakes and the use of shortcuts. Everything has always been exceptionally fun in this series, but primarily in the local multiplayer . Here, if you do not have enough controllers and do not arrange for a local meeting, or do not meet with friends online and include team speak you will not experience enough of these funny situations the same way

This is not the game you're looking for

Micro Machines World Series is primarily proof that Codemasters has not forgotten his still popular and beloved franchise. But there is also evidence that it does not know how to stand on consoles as it did on the mobile market. Announced, the game played the imagination of many fans and filled them with expectations that, however, were not fulfilled. Playing played has been worn, lacking in general variety and vehicles, tracks and even power ups and battle mode has somehow gained more emphasis than ordinary racing or Equally fun, elimination. What might be for some and that's OK, but I think Micro Machines is the first race and then the battle in the arenas or playing some other fighting modes that the game offers in special events of limited duration. At some moments, it is difficult to even start playing, and it is even harder to find some deeper sense of play. Created on the speed or true consequence of inability? The answer is unclear but it is clear that this is not the Micro Machines game we were looking for.