Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy


  • DEVELOPER: Vicarious Visions, Naughty Dog
  • PUBLISHER: Activision
  • PLATFORMES: PlayStation 4
  • Genre: platformer
  • DATE OF EXHIBITION: 30 June 2017.

When the first Crash Bandicoot trilogy was originally released, the same trilogy that affected the unconditional love of the first Sony console and which many future platform specialists learned that all quality platformers can bring Players, it was hard to feel a certain joy and excitement. Although we are all well aware of what the gaming industry has been doing for several years, and how we sell old content in a new garment, for remake and remasteres still some things deserve to be waiting. Final Fantasy VII is definitely a story for itself and one of those things that we already see is that it will bring a lot more changes to the gameplay and the look (maybe in the story) than it was made with Remasterom Crasha. However, Crash Bandicoot is not such a classical type, Crash is also an innocent, fun platformer whose remaster is aimed primarily at old fans and all those who still have traumas of some obstacles, but also have first-of-all beautiful memories To the variety levels the contagious gameplay and the passing of the third continuation with 108%. How Much remaster Naughty Dogs First Game, directed by Vicarious Vision, brings old memories and creates new ones

N.Gin never looked nicer

Crash, Crash, why should you always muck in my mud? Oh look, I've got a mask helping me too! We'll find out which one is more powerful soon enough!

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy contains the first three Crash games and, unfortunately, although we hoped, there is no Crash Team Racing . All these games are customized for new generations and consoles, primarily as far as audio-visual features are concerned, while the essence of gameplay barriers to levels has remained unchanged. There is also a list of trophies you can collect on the road, while everything else is the same. Easy gameplay, performing action, comic animated sequences, boss battles and additional challenges are still waiting for you. All this helps to activate, at least every senior player and player, the feeling of nostalgia and enthusiasm and even the recognition that you remember after all these years, particularly heavy parts of some levels, enemies, or looks of individual characters. Of course, here it is all more luxurious, nicer and better than ever before, whether you play the first, second or third. It is interesting to play these sequels again and to testify to all the changes that came from the sequel and note that Naughty Dogs always managed to add freshness. The highlight is definitely the third sequel, Warped, that brings letters to another fictional character, Crash's sister Coco, underwater leaves, races, and much, much more.

The two questions are only relevant to writing reviews of such a remaster (or as its developers call, remaster plus). Are the graphics changes good and can gameplay withstand test time Both responses, according to my humble opinion, are "yes". Crash got so much needed update and we've got the classic three crash sequels in the new garment. True, we have to pay them, but at least they are not old games, that is old-fashioned games, but a lot of effort has been invested by new developers to do, and even some tweaks and a little harder for some leaves. Despite the fact that we were younger and easier to solve these games, do not be surprised if, in today's time and in this remaster a little longer in some parts. Something is the consequence that some newer platformers have spotted us, and something is just really difficult in this game, as recently acknowledged by the developers . In this way, we come to a more detailed answer to the other question – the platform has different types and different premises, and Crash successfully maintains one of the basic premises by bringing enough deviation to racing and similar levels to always add something new and fresh. This kind of thing, accompanied by well-designed and superb controls, is something that should be liked by all new generations this is the first encounter with Crash and perhaps PlayStation 4 is the first (or another) PlayStation console. Even those who are not platform fans should try to crash and examine their taste.

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It's nice to see that they've allowed Crash's sister a bigger role, so you'll be able to play with it various (but not all) leaves from the first two games if you win the first bossa in each of the three games. Unfortunately, Coco looks more like skin not an addict, since there is no special move, and management does not feel different. Of other major changes, time trial challenges were added to the first two sequences as well as the dual shock first game support. In every respect, the game is one of the best examples remaster primarily from the perspective of the technique. It's just a shame that we do not have any additional content, such as documentaries, biographies of characters, selection of animated sequences, or some other thing that would certainly match this collection and offer additional content to all fans.

Bosss could make the game a bit difficult for beginners, but not long enough to lose patience, that's for sure. The battles are, simply, overwhelming, in their own Crash mode.

So … you want to go a few rounds! When this is over, we'll see who is obsolete!

According to excellent reactions, both in this and other reviews with colleagues and colleagues around the world, as well as the fact that even after three weeks this game is the best-selling game on the market (I know, summer, but still) the question arises The next waiting for Crash Bandicoot and the team. Vicarious Visions has made an excellent remake available at a (relatively) normal price, and is still one of the best platformers in the PlayStation era. While there is a big doubt about seeing the right new Crash game, there are a lot of legitimate hopes that might have been able to see Crash Team Racing and Crash Bash for a while. Especially Crash Team Racing. Just imagine online conflicts.

Until then, it remains for us to enjoy something that has been successfully transferred to today, and which, despite the fact that it is a remake, is one of the best PlayStation 4 games in the first half of 2017. Sometimes it is worth playing for nostalgia, I hope that N. Sane Trilogy will convince you.