Starting Reports for the Croatian 2v2 Rocket League Tournament

Here's one interesting news for all Rocket League players and players who are looking for new challenges. The Steam Group Rocket League Croatia was founded recently to gather as many people from Croatian space as possible, and Steam tournaments are organized as part of it. For the last tournament organized there were 20 entries, and in the group there are currently over 300. The next "2v2" tournament starts on Sunday at 19h where you can participate!

Applications for the 2v2 Rocket League Tournament are open on this link:

Tournament starts on Sunday, July 23rd. At 19:00.
(The tournament will only take place if 10 teams or more are collected.)

Tournament Entry is 1 key / key per team

1st place – 50% keys
2nd place – 30% keys
3rd place – 20% keys

Playing BO3. It is mandatory to have Teamspeak 3. Applications are in progress until Saturday night and are done via the comments in the attached link.