The 10-hour trial version of Mass Effect: Andromeda Available on All Platforms

BioWare and EA did not overwhelmly celebrate Mass Effect: Andromeda, primarily because of the number of technical issues that followed the release of the game. Most of these problems were corrected through numerous patches and upgrades for the game, but it was not enough to clear the bitter taste that the game left behind at most players. Many have already dropped out of the game, and those who have not played yet have now the opportunity to do it completely free.

Name, on all three available platforms (PS4, Xbox One and PC), is now a free 10-hour trial version of the game that gives players access to the desert planet Eos, both in single player and multiplayer, and all the progress they make Playing this demo, players will be able to transfer to the full game if they decide to buy the same – if you have not played the game yet, never miss an opportunity, regardless of whether you like playing or not.