More than 40,000 Steam Users Get Blocked During Summer Sale

Over 40,000 gamers and gamers have been banned from accessing their games and other stuff from these games, and many have completely deleted accounts, reports PC Gamer . During the summer sale of Steam last weekend, many were fined during the Valve Anti-Cheat system that marked them for some violations of the rules of the game. The total number of users has reached 40,411 players which is a significant increase given the results of the same action since last year when 15 227 bananas. 4,972 users were also punished for violent and offensive speech And behaviors during gameplay

In financial terms, it was estimated that punished users cheaters lost a total of $ 9580 . Various forum discussions talk about people who have been ban although they have not done anything wrong, while others are content with Valve's actions. Feel free to share your opinions with us on this "cleansing".