Inceptionoliki SF thriller Past Cure has a new exciting trailer

The German Development Team Pantom 8 Studio has released a new story trailer for Past Cure, an interactive SF thriller inspired by Nolan's Inception Invention.

This is an adventure whose story is about elite soldier Ian, who is in search of the people who have betrayed him and has been detained for years in a dark prison located somewhere in Europe where he was subjected to numerous secret experiments that changed him And give him power like telekinesis and manipulation of thoughts, whose use of them increasingly leads to madness.

With the help of his brother Markus and double agent Sophie, Ian will hunt for people who stole his consciousness and, during his mission, are expected to face it with Eastern European cartels, secret societies and unscrupulous scientists, as well as a person who is not from this planet.

Past Cure is currently developing for PS4, Xbox One and PC, and when we can expect it to sell, it is not known for now.