We announce Pathfinder: Kingmaker

This summer comes great news for all fans of good fantasy and isometric RPGs from third parties and those who still still appreciate and enjoy more They feel a good story more than in the visual (though really fantastic) AAA racing games, which are more and more often scheduled for the aforementioned categories.

The "Pathfinder: Kingmaker" project has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $ 500,000 and has managed to gather in an extremely short time! Poned in that, they even set up extra amounts that would seem to gather without any major difficulties. The reason for this is certainly the fact that the studio behind this title, the Owlcat studio, joined Chris Avellone a man behind the stories of great games such as Fallout2 and New Vegas, Planscape: Torment, Icewind Dale , Star Wars: KOTOR II, Neverwinter Nights, etc.

Owlcat Games

Given the genre and its development and attractiveness through the years of everlasting changes in tastes and numerous disappointments in games that were neither close to the promised final product, Owlcat Games has been doing its best to convince the public that they are "the real deal ". "Here at Owlcat Games, we love and inspire classical isometric computer RPGs such as Baldur's Gate, Fallout and Arcanum. Our dream is to get started playing these games again for the first time. Build your hero, meet the unknown, meet your companions, experience the adrenaline rush of your first battle (and your last one), moving into mysterious dungeons and most importantly, see how your protagonist and your world change through your actions. " S Considering what is called, plus engagement Chrisa Avellone Pathfinder: Kingmaker could have the quality of straight Pillars of the Eternity.

What is actually Pathfinder: Kingmaker?

Pathfinder: Kingmaker is the first RPG computer game based on the renowned Pathfinder Pen and Paper RPG. The story takes place in the world of Golarion, a world rich in history, mystics and conflicts, and gives gamblers the chance to take part of this world as their own.

Pathfinder has a significant depth, not only in its gaming mechanics, but also offers you the development of your own unique character.

Pathfinder allows players to create heroes (or wizards) that match their individual style of play and their personalities. Nothing new for this type of game, however, in Pathfinder, that aspect of the game will have a significant impact on the very course of your game, or at least as such in Owlcat games, and we have no reason to believe it.

Story and Gameplay

Stolen Lands lies in the north, a place where the story of the game will be played, a region that has been struggling with disagreements and conflicts for centuries. Hundreds of kingdoms have risen and fallen in those countries, and now is the time to make your mark – building your own kingdom! To do this, you will have to survive the difficult wildlife and the threat of competitive nations … as well as the threats within your environment! So, apart from classic adventures, you enter Pathfinder as the person who builds the kingdom, and will, in addition to managing your "team", also manage the kingdom you build.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker is based on Paiz's award-winning Pathfinder Adventure Path of the same name. To play Pathfinder: Kingmaker does not have to be familiar with the story, but if you do, you will find numerous traces, characters and situations you know and love. In any case, you will experience a host of new events, allies, and threats that extend and enhance the original journey of adventure. With the help of Paizo and their authors, the story and quests have, as previously mentioned, expand the RPG writer Chris Avellon and the Owlcat team, which will surely provide extra gameplay.

Ruler and Adventurer

What's specific to this RPG is that your game allows you to invoke certain territories as your own, allowing you to create your own kingdom from the wild. While classic dungeon crawl and exploration at the heart of this adventure, diplomacy, politics, and the ability to run the Army on the field are also part of gameplay . As you will discover, building a kingdom goes far beyond simply building a stalemate: Your kingdom is a reflection of your character and your choices during the game. It will change during the game depending on your choices and selection of followers. Not only can your kingdom expand, conquer new territories, and enable you to build new cities and communities, but your capital will physically change based on your decisions, your policy, and even who you choose to become allied. As your kingdom grows, numerous factions and neighboring countries come to you to seek grace and test your strength.

In Pathfinder we promise that the role of companions will be great as well as their stories and impact on the event itself in the main story. Although we have seen solid companion quests in a number of RPGs so far, Owlcat Games seems to be planning to go a step further. In any case, the choice of companions will have where and where greater impact on the game than pure influence on the struggle and balance of your group.

Kingmaker will feature a series of open-world mechanics, enabling players to experience the story at their own pace while exploring Stolen Lands, which will affect them both as adventurers and rulers. This dual role makes Kingmaker potentially considerably different and wider than the classic RPG, even though it is based on it.

The scheduled release date is the eighth of 2018. Since two weeks before the end of the campaign, the $ 500,000 gamblers needed to expand the game, I believe that a shorter delay could be tolerated, especially if they get into the game all the elements they want. The elimination of a product line that after a few DLCs becomes a concrete game has become a tremendous exercise, though this genre has succeeded to bypass so far we can hope that it will be in this case too!