What about the new Splinter Cell game? No worries, Ubisoft did not give up on it, and we could soon see its announcement.

Splinter Cell has been on the market for 15 years now and sold with 31 million copies is one of the most prodigal and most significant Ubisofts franchise. The last game from the series, Splinter Cell: Blacklist we played four full times, so it's time to return to Sam Fischer. Many (including us) have secretly hoped that Ubisoft will announce and present the new Splinter Cell game during its E3 2017 press, but despite this, the rumor has never happened. However, as things stand, the Ubisofts have never forgotten both Sam Fisher and Splinter Cell, and the new game is almost certainly on a light frying pot in one of Ubisoft's studios, indirectly confirmed by Ubisoft's chief Yves Guillemot

Guillemot has revealed in one of his interviews that Ubisoft has so far received a huge number of drafts and suggestions for the Splinter Cell franchise, so Ubisoft decides on one of these proposals and that the gaming public will have more information To find out soon, suggesting in some way the possibility of announcing the game's announcement.

For now, it is really difficult to predict when we can see the announcement of the new Splinter Cell game, especially since Ubisoft announces its major projects mostly for big gaming events. The E3 2017 is behind us and we are soon expected by Gamescom, but it is unrealistic to expect the first announcement of the game by the end of August. The Game Awards that will take place in December, on the other hand, are somehow a much more realistic solution, but we will not be surprised if our wait for the announcement of the game is further extended