Presented Actress Netflix Castlevanie

Ten days before the premiere of Netflix's Castlevania series, actor names will be revealed that will lend voices to major protagonists, and are the stars that are both appreciated in the movie and TV scene.

Ada Shankar and actor Graham McTavish, whose name also found on this list

Graham McTavish (Outlander, The Hobbit), whom we had a chance to hear in the role of the main antagonist of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, will borrow his voice Dracula The role of Draculine women Lise Tepes came Emily Swallow (Supernatural, The Mentalist)

Richard Armitage many remembered for his role as Thorin in Jackson's The Hobbit trilogy, will lend the lead to the main protagonist Trevor Belmont, James Callisa (Dr. Gaius Baltar of Battlestar Galactica)

Also in the series we will be able to hear Alejandro Reynoso who will give the voice Syphy Belnades Matta Frewera (Orphan Black, Watchment) as "The Bishopa" and Tony Amendolu (Dexter, Stargate SG-1) as "The Elder."

Castlevanie's first season on Netlix arrives on July 7.