Nintendo claims that 4K has a fairly limited audience

After the E3 fair, it became apparent that the two biggest console manufacturers, Sony and Microsoft, will go into 4K gaming. And while the PS4 Pro does not have native 4K, Xbox One X has it, which some should be an advantage in this type of gaming. The question remains with Nintendo's consoles in this respect, and the president of American Nintendo has just reviewed that potential in the latest interview with The Verge. There he said that with Switch they were trying to attract as many players as possible and that the 4K Nintendo Switch was not in the company's plans. It also believes that 4K will have a limited number of people, at least in the initial period, who will be able to afford such expensive technology. R eggie Fils-Aimé also announced that a lot more news is waiting for everyone who are interested in Nintendo games this year. Skyrim Switch or some Pokemon game could certainly be found among the announcements by the end of this year because Nintendo did not finish the year at E3.

Details of Reggie Fils-Aimé can be read in in the above mentioned interview.