Nintendo claims that switch switch shortage is not intentional

The story about new Nintendo consoles, primarily thinking of the Switch and the Nintendo Mini console, often associated with the shortage of the Nintendo consoles. For some of Nintendo's marketing strategy, for some pure incompetence and underestimating its own capabilities, and for some unpreparedness, it has united everything in the amount of frustration that comes with Nintendo's unwillingness and / or slow reaction. One of the directors in Nintendo, Charlie Scibetta, talked to Ars Technica about the Nintendo Switch console . Scibetta officially solved all doubts and stated that this was certainly not the intention of Nintendo. They expected the console to be requested, but they were not ready for so much demand and demand that hit them very quickly after the Switch Console came out. As for NES Mini, he said: "I think we should better understand the plan for the limited release of that console. The plan was to console only for the holidays. We have produced more consoles because we were overwhelmed with demands, and after that we stopped producing new ones. "

For the future of the Switch Console, Scibetta has confirmed that they are working as quickly as possible. "We want to send as many copies as possible to cover all the games that come out … our job is to send them to the stores as fast as we can, especially during the holidays to put them together with Super Mario Odyssey." , Said Scibetta. Nintendo's sweet concerns bear the dangers associated with the frustration of many potential buyers, especially in the coming period, which will be accompanied by the new Xbox One console. Lightly but surely the timing of great exclusives assists a small number of consoles on store shelves, but Nintendo will really have to go to the "fifth speed" by the end of the year if it wants to make a big success.