Shinji Mikami is not the director of The Evil Withina 2

In the overall crowd and the information from the E3 2017 fair that hit us last week, a very important information has been missed by many, including GG.hr itself Team, and Bethesdin's survival horror The Evil Within 2 we saw during the Bethesdine E3 Press.

The legendary Shinji Mikami also promised through the Bethesdin announcement of the game promising us another great Horror playing experience. This has meant to many people that Mikami will once again find himself in the director's position, but this is not the case.

Mikami, who, after leaving The Evil Withina, said that he would be the last game he directed, this time he directed the game to John Johanas, The Assignment and The Consequences, the expansion for the original The Evil Within, Find only in the role of the executive producer of the game.

Will the absence of Mikamy from the director's position negatively affect or will Johanas successfully do his job, we will find out already at the beginning of autumn – more specifically on October 13, when The Evil Within 2 should arrive on PS4, Xbox One and PC.