Beyond Good and Evil 2 will almost certainly not be the Switch Exclusive

Earlier rumors that Beyond Good and Evil 2 could be the exclusive Nintendo Switch, according to Michela Ancel's author, are unlikely.

Ancel wrote on Instagram that Beyond Good and Evil 2, as much as he knows, is not the Switch Exclusive and he would definitely know if that was the case. This information is somewhat confirmed by the Space Monkey Program where PS4, Xbox One and PCs are listed as platforms, while Switch is not available at all, It is fair to say that the site is a little bit lousy and it is possible that the offered choice does not represent the final list of platforms where we can expect Beyond Good and Evil 2.

This is all a little tedious and we're pretty sure that Beyond Good and Evil 2 will be a multiplatform title that will appear on all current platforms, and whether it's a Switch version of the game, it remains to be seen