Announced Halo Wars 2: Awakening Nightmare DLC, We Expect It Most Popular

343 Industries and Creative Assembly have announced a new DLC for their hit strategy for Halo Wars 2.

Awakening Nightmare is the name of the new Halo Wars 2 DLC, and is a new expansion featuring brand new campaigns focusing on the Banished Fraction, two new multiplayer leaders, two new multiplayer maps and a whole new co-op fashion Terminus Firefight, in which two other players will be fighting against the hordes of opposing opponents, creating barricades, stubble floors and similar obstacles to slow down the adversary's attacks. Whatever Awakening Nightmare DLC brings us, see below in the official trailer.

Awakening Nightmare DLC is expected to be available soon and we will be able to buy it at a price of $ 19.99. It is also interesting to note that this expansion will not be a part of Season Passa, although it has previously been announced that owners will receive both the exclusive campaign missions and multiplayer leaders who are in this expansion. Of course, this only means that Halo Wars 2 is still an exclusive content in preparation and that it could be discovered very quickly.