After the Sony E3 2017 press conference saw something the longest trailer for Quantic Dream's interactive adventure Detroit: Become Human, new game information and screenshots and a 15-minute gameplay demonstration came in.

Jesse Williams Jesse Williams Jesse Williams Jesse Williams Jesse Williams (Gray's Anatomy). Also, we learned that in the game, as one of the characters we saw in the trailer, we hear and see the actress (Friday Night Lights, Parenthood, Charlie's Angels).

For those who have missed one of the many announcements so far, Detroit: Become Human brings us a fairly dark futuristic interactive thriller in which androids and people live in apparent harmony, as long as things do not control and start the avalanche of reactions that will lead to Conflicts between androids and people. This time, the players will be on the side of the androids, where besides Marcus, who is the leader of the Android rebellion, will still be able to take control of two more retarded androids, Kar and Conor, which we could see in the earlier announcements of the game

Detroit: Become Human is currently developing exclusively for PlayStation 4, but for now it is not known when we can expect it to be sold. This year almost certainly not …