Housemarque's PS4 Exclusive Matterfall Exits in Mid-August

Housemarque, a Finnish development team behind the arcade successes such as Super Stardust, Dead Nation, Outland, Resogun and Alienation, One of them is Nex Machin, which is coming soon for sale, and the PS4 exclusive Matterfall is expected in mid-August.

For those who do not know, an arcade that combines platformer elements with a bullet hell action is in question, with countless adventurous opponents we have to fight for survival by avoiding the red matter and manipulating the blue substance so that the environment around us can take advantage of further progress ( Something like we had in Outland), and as it all looks on the move, look in the new trailer.

Matterfall will be on PS4 on August 15, and we will be able to buy it at $ 19.99. If you make pre-order games, you will also receive a special PS4 theme, five avatars and a copy of the soundtrack.