A Way Out – The Brothers Act: A Tale of Two Sons and Electronic Art

Certainly one of the biggest surprises from the EA Play press conference was the announcement of a new game from the EA Originals program, Which comes as a product of EA's collaboration with Josef Fares, author of Megahit Brother: A Tale of Two Sons.

As part of the EA Originals program, enthusiastic Josef Fares and his newly formed development team, Hazelight Studios, have announced A Way Out, an unusual co-op adventure of an interesting gameplay concept in which two inmates need to escape from prison.

Leo and Vincent, as the names of the main protagonists, two inmates who do not know each other and how they will develop their individual stories as they prepare to escape will depend solely on the player. In the game, we expect an impressive amount of unforgettable action scenes, wandering, sneaking, fighting and shooting, and the fact that the story itself about building the characters solely in the way that the players will be created should play a whole new game every time they play experience.

The Way Out we should be selling at the beginning of next year, when it would only be in digital form on PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms.