For the first time, one game has a chance to be nominated for the Oscars

Slowly but surely, video games become recognized as art and as a potential ground for a variety of quality products that can enter under the same category of established Awards that are otherwise awarded to films. Of course, we have not been decadent for years) we know how many games can be significant, high quality, and how they offer a special kind of narrative, but it's always nice (or at least interesting) when something unexpected happens like this. Will it really be that way, it remains to be seen, but one game is much closer to the Oscar nomination than everyone else. It is, of course, Everything, an existential game, a simulation with beautiful visuals and an interesting concept that takes you into the role of "anything."

Since this game was awarded the jury prize at the Vienna Film Festival, it automatically entered the competition for the Oscar nomination in the category of the best animated short film. Everything is a very interesting game that shows a variety of animal life cycles and objects that you can play or just watch, and you can try it on the PC and the PlayStation 4 console for March at a cost of $ 15.