Dreamcast emulator comes soon on Xbox One

Microsoft is ahead of E3 fairly mysterious. Aside from being definitely subordinated to the great presentation of his Project Scorpio superconclusion, the situation with the games and exclusives that we should see at the fair is still a pretty mystery, but while we are waiting to see numerous bombastic announcements of even more attractive titles (which definitely will not miss) To arrive, there is yet another unofficial confirmation that we will be able to enjoy the classics of the never-ending SEGA Dreamcall this summer on the Xbox One Consoles

Namely, this summer Dreamcast Simulator WinDCe10 should arrive on the Xbox One console and allow their owners to enjoy Dreamcast hits for the first time without any restrictions.

Of course, it's an emulator that is not officially supported by Microsoft, so game access and running will be somewhat more complicated and will require a certain amount of effort, but all information will be available here . ]