We’ve discovered the potential bonus characters of Injustice 2

For a while, the first three DLC characters have been known to be coming soon to Injustice 2. They are made by Red Hood (whom we ) And Starfire and Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombata, but what about the other six characters that are just waiting for us?

Namely, since we are expecting the E3 show next week, there is a great chance that Warner Bros. And NetherRealm Studios are discovering some of them, and as things stand, we may know what the characters are.

Namely, Reddito has an in-game image of the Red Hood that is ready to buy inside the game, and we can see the silhouettes of other upcoming characters. Of course, it was not long before the unofficial information and possible speculations of what characters were to appear. Some are more or less familiar or talked about them (eg Black Manta and Constantine ) and how could a complete Injustice 2 roster look like and that characters could fill the remaining Empty spaces, look below.

Spawn / Azrael

In the top left corner, silhouetted, most likely it’s a figure or a skirt or hood, perhaps Spawn or Azrael, but if we bet, we would put our money on Azrael, a killer created by the secret order of Saint Dumas, Since we seem to be somewhat more likely to be, since we have often seen him in the clashes with Batman and even in the second season of the Gotham series, which is still topical and very popular. We saw Spawn in Soul Calibur II, but it was a long time so his arrival in Injustice 2 would in any case be a real hit.


The second figure, located near Spawna / Azrael, is Mortal Kombat’s Sub-Zero, whose redesigned edition has been partially featured, and how his story will fit into Injustice 2, remains to be seen


Moving to the right part of the rostrum, the first known fighters should be Starfire, which is already presented, and those who prefer playing with female characters will be worthy of a very strong female set-up for Catwoman, Poison Ivy , Cheetah, Harley Quinn, Supergirl and of course Wonder Woman.


To her, given the size of the silhouette we can see to the right and its omnipresence in DC’s Arrowerse TV series, it is almost certain to be at the Atom. Whether the game will be constantly miniature or will be able to increase (very likely), we are still unsure.

Enchantress / Measure

When it comes to the second female figure whose silhouette is seen in the lower row across the left, there will be little to play and guess, and somehow the most ideal choices make us either Enhantress or Mera, since this female figure on the head has some ornament, Proboscis or something like that. Because of the somewhat dark atmosphere of Injustice 2 somehow Enchantress acts as a better choice, and we’ve seen it in the last year’s Suicide Squad movie, but considering the fact that Aquaman is fairly current (we’ll see it in the Justice League movie and a big The movie blockbuster), nor does Mera make us a bad choice.

Black Manta

One of the safest characters we will see as a DLC character is Black Manta. We’ve already seen it in the game, and many renders and models have recently appeared, and the silhouette we see in a mysterious female figure is pretty clear.


Let’s go back to the right, just like the Black Manta silhouette, so clear and silhouette that we see on the inner free right – it’s almost certainly another guest from Mortal Kombata, Raiden. What’s his story and how he, like Sub-Zero, fits in with the story of the game, will see.

John Constantine / Rorschach

Until recently, we have repeatedly witnessed rumors and speculations of [19459304] to Watchman’s characters at Injustice 2, and fans have been quite loud enough to meet John Constantine’s requirements, Which is already in some way present in the game. The last figure we see down right could be either Constantine or Watchmen’s Rorschach. Whoever of them will be happy, but at the same time sad if we do not see another of them.

Of course, some of the listed characters are almost certain, while some are still a product of rumors and speculations, and which will make it all correct, we may already know it on the upcoming E3 show.