FIFA 18 got the first trailer, confirmed partnership with Sony and a break with Microsoft

Electronic Arts left Xbox One as its partner, and as such, the version of the game for this console lost rights to legendary gamers Ultimate Team mode which is still planetically popular in this game. The news that has been speculating over the past few weeks received today a confirmation through the first trailer for FIFU 18 . The star of this version will obviously be Cristiano Ronaldo, and despite Sony's main partner, there is currently no news about some content that other platforms will be denied. Popular legends are thrown out of the concept of the new Ultimate Teama and replaced by "icons" that will be available in all versions of the game. Finally, it says that Nintendo Switch will not run the Frostbite engine, nor will it have a story mode like other versions . Preorder of the game's releases include Ronaldo Edition and Icon Edition, which bring a lot of treats and bonuses for everyone who likes to play in this mode and one of the most iconic icons of the "old" Ronalda. In the end, it is only to look at the short first trailer and to hope for more concrete information on this year's E3 fair.