Moon Hunters confirmed for Xbox One, this summer comes

The popular, and modest RPG Moon Hunters finally comes to the Xbox One. The developer company Kitfox Games confirmed the arrival of this game on July 19 this year. If you're not familiar with this game, it's worth noting that it's a co-operative multiplayer RPG title that came out last year for PCs and PlayStation 4. For its existence, it's also a crowdfunding campaign that has cost over $ 170,000 (45,000 required)

The Moon Hunters game follows one of the four heroes in their quest for the moon that disappeared mysteriously. It is a non-linear achievement that will allow multiple choices to players, including the personalization of the person they play with. Although the average player for the end of the game will only need more than three hours to unlock all the characters, classes and other content, Moon Hunters will have to pass several times. The world in this game is differently generated each time, the experience of every new game is a bit different from the one before, which adds a certain variety to this game.