Injustice 2


  • DEVELOPER: NetherRealm Studios
  • PUBLISHER: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
  • PLATFORMES: Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • genre: fighting game
  • DATE OF EXHIBITION: May 19, 2017

The first Injustice came out in 2013 and after, after a mediocre game, Mortal Kombat v. DC Universe, became a true synonym for the good Mortal Kombat fight (so it can be called primarily because the same developers are working on DC fighters and Mortal Kombat). Prior to the arrival of this second part, we had fun with the even better game from Ed Boon's workshop, the new Mortal Kombat X which, as well as Injustice, brought novelties into single play and Multiplayer as well as in combat mechanics and they invented new perfidious ways to get more money from players. By combining the bad and good side of their invention, providing constant progress every other game, we have received Injustice 2 – the latest product of their ideas and perfected all the previous successful aspects of these games. How Much Injustice 2 is Successful in all of the Fields listed, find out more in the text.

Everything starts and ends with Batman. Or Superman. Or Superman and Batman.

The first, and for me maybe the most important thing (I know how uncommon it is to claim for one fighting game) is story mode which NetherRealm Studios improve from the game game. As you may have expected from my reviews, this section will contain certain spoilers related to the game's events as well as Injustice Comics, so if you do not want to read it, skip right away to the next section.

Story mode is still one of the main adut of Injustice series


The main theme of the Injustice 2 story is the arrival of Brainiaca who noticed the frequent use of large powers, primarily Superman's solution to the Green Lanter Corp.. This and many other events from the first Injustice that featured Superman's "evil totalitarian nature" after Joker killed Lois Lane (and Joker) is an important catalyst for the appearance of many new characters and the disappearance of some of the past games. Brainiac, as the greatest collector and destroyer of civilizations and planets, after the destruction of Krypton, realizes that Superman has survived, and while trying to capture him as part of the collection, he decides to destroy and destroy the earth. The story further complicates Supergirl with his late arrival on the ground, Gorilla Grodd's Conglomeration The Society (consisting of many bad guys) as well as Batman's new team that still fights Superman's and Wonder Woman's principles. Ultimately, this is a story in the Injustice series that obviously had to be told and which is still relatively interesting despite the fact that it is a parallel universe and has no effect on the main canon from comics . Such an alternative story continues to give great freedom to comics and playthings, so we have interesting partnerships, shocking deaths and foolish decisions that lead to the various battles you are participating in.

Gorilla Grodd – a powerful addition to roster but also a story

Of course, however, it is not so shocking and serious when we know that the game is well-sealed off by stumbling into the main canon from comics (including movies, other games, etc.), but it is extremely commendable that we have another more concrete story in which Superman and Batman portrayed more as devious leaders and control freaks than as heroes as many consider them to be. This is certainly not a strange interpretation for anybody who reads and looks over these super heroes, so he is aware of all the implications and their negative sides that continue to pervade through various adaptations, and their "nature" has come to the top. The act itself, as it was the case with Mortal Kombat and Past Injustice, ignores some of the side stories and characters, which is reimbursed through comic books that still become an indispensable part of the full enjoyment of the story. There is, of course, always a healthy dose of illogical events, outbound dialogs, and predictable traps of betrayal and final betting on Batman and Superman (once again) with the game offering you the option on which side you stand to fight in the final chapter . When you choose your final path, it will remain after story mode repeats chapter with a picture you did not select to complete the entire mode and did not see another end The whole Injustice 2 story. Unfortunately, we do not know which of the two ends is "official" and that this franchise will continue (if it is a third term) that some might leave with some frustrations.

The Clash system is still there, with special darts (dumbbells) depicting the character to the character and to the character with whom the character fights


NetherRealm Studios also introduced a few innovations to the successful formula of this single play mode featuring choices that, in a less sensationalist sense like Superman and Batman, appear throughout story mode . There is, in fact, the side you represent has already been chosen for you, but before the battle you will often choose which of the characters you will fight against the enemy. Thus we have a special

chapter with Green Arrow and Black Canary, Black Adam and Aquaman and others that gives a little freshness to the already established approach in this fashion . By the end of the conflict, however, I am disappointed (especially Superman) and it is an inevitable feeling of boredom and saturation with Superman and Batman and their moral conflicts that happen a hundred times in a different version of the event. I was expecting Supergirl (as a new heroine who came to earth), and even Flash (as a character who is bothered by the decisions from last session) that it will be central figures to the end of the story, but it is still too secure. However, mild innovation, visual quality, and voice acting this mode is the fact that after you play mode you get Brainiac in roster gam gamer gamer gamer gaming gamer gaming gamer history. And slight digression at the end, which is the appearance of Joker. It was known to him from his earlier announcement that he was one of the characters in the game, though it should not have been in the Injustice as well, as Superman killed him at the very beginning (but was the catalyst of the event and logically it was still a part of the collection of characters). And now he is a part of rostering and reasons, despite the hopes of some, are not for inclusion because it is not part of the story. Except as Harley's hallucination inspired by Scarecrow and his new gas. This insertion of him into the game is another proof of NetherRealm's animated moves with part of rostering which is unnecessary for a development team that should have had the courage to try something new.


Injustice 2 introduces the already familiar mechanism of the struggle we are accustomed to in Mortal Kombat and in the past Injustice. Upgrading to the aforementioned system that has got a lot of positive responses here has been improved primarily by the look of the moves, the faster management of most characters, as well as the new fighting bar at the bottom of the screen. It is worth mentioning a slightly upgraded move that is unique to every character and is activated by pressing (in the case of PlayStation 4) the circle, the so-called character buff that allows you to take more moves, better damage or special things that you throw on the opponent . Specialties differ from character to character and have different functions so your strategy will also change with respect to what you use.

Fantastic moves are easy to make, but difficult to perfect and successfully timed

The role of the arena is even greater, with a large number of snooping objects that you can throw on your opponent, get out of an unusual situation, or simply break through the rooms and inflict more damage. The most important part of the bar you see in the lower part of the screen is its filling that lets you super move (also the strongest move you can perform) but you can often on another Or the third level of the filled bar choose other strong moves, such as a move or additional boost of one of the special moves. It's no secret anymore that NetherRealm Studios in their games aim at making a large number of special moves easy to make, so even the most impressive and strongest super move is performed by simply pressing the two upper buttons.

Arena is full of additional dangers as well as possible odds of winning

    Blocking, performing a move, throwing bataranga or shooting a laser from the eyes, using Harley's mesimas and many other things are also easy-to-do, making the game fun to everyone – those who play for the first time Casual players from the genre, and those who want to be more professional and complicated comboi and timing of different strokes can provide a great challenge. How much is this part of a professional approach better than before or stronger than the competition remains to be seen, but the fighting scene does not seem to change much compared to Mortal Kombat X. Warner promotes these sports and organizes Various tournaments, putting their games on the map, but some of the other games are still in the mainstream of interest and interest in various competitions.

    With Darkseid it's a special pleasure to play, the pity of just being preorder bonus

    Each of the characters appears to be different in terms of speed, ease of performing moves and special moves and is offered a great variety in the starting number of 28 . Everyone who liked the previous version of NetherRealm's games will liked this one, with little changes that do not affect so much to playing with friends and switching story mode as much as playing more seriously where I leave much to the members themselves These communities say in their reviews and videos that can already be found across the internet, in various languages ​​and with various arguments. From my perspective, I do not have anything to contradict this time, Injustice and MK have their own style that falls and is still viable.

    As I said, right satisfaction


    Already at Mortal Kombata it was clear that he was trying to do something else from the fighting genre. But unlike Capcom and the charge itself of the new characters, a model that has been experimenting with countless times with various successes, NetherRealm has offered to buy literally everything – from a lighter performance fatality additional characters, moves, arenas, (19459018) from the crypt (which can be obtained by playing the game for free, but apparently some have decided to spend an additional $ 50 to solve any content in the game) but lacked a greater purpose. From practically the second trailer to Injustice 2, it was all clear – Superman, Wonder Woman and Team are coming for our money, through the Gear System. Mircotranslations were always an aspect missing in 19459018 games and finally found their place through the system of collecting additional items for the characters that reinforce them but which change their look, a concept well known in RPG games on mobile phones And Facebook, but also in other today's consoles and PC games.

    Gear you get through the special boxes called Mother Boxes and by opening them, you get more valuable and less valuable add-ons by enhancing the features of your character. Boxes are obtained by playing story mode performing daily and weekly missions, winning online matches, allowing you level feedback of your characters. There is also Source Crystals Currency around which all the micro-transactions are run. Again, the game gives you the ability to spend, with lots of effort and happiness, at your desired skins, colors, suits and accessories for your characters, but obviously this shortcut option along with spending money makes a lot of sense since such things are being tried in Mortal Kombatu. We did not get the official feedbac for the sale of all these specialties (which could have been earned without spending more money), but it has obviously been a success when such a model returns. You can use all of these plugins and level online matches, but there's also an option to run the battle without gear, which I guess will be a better option for many , And equally honest.

    The Gear System Has Its Advantages and Disadvantages the interface and concept is quite simple, but a large number of items and tracking stats can subsequently complicate it. The option to change all the characters is pretty, and is pretty impressive with this kind of graphics and the beautiful design of all these add-ons to observe all visual changes. There is also the option to change the look of another gear gear but keep its features (at least think this is happening?) Which further complicates things but all in all this The system can take away hours and provide a lot of fun for those who get deeper into the game itself. Whether this will be the advantage for some fans to characterize this game better than some of the other games I'm not sure yet, the features this part of the game is endless especially if you consider it easy to add new in moments of filming or celebration of some anniversaries. Wonder Woman's suits from the film and suits have already come into play this weekend and I believe it's just the beginning. As far as we can see now, the mismatches of some powers and the ability to allow spam moves (which are often the problem of other fighting games) are additionally complicated with items that can further enhance the moves of someone. You can expect a lot of and revolutions of some characters over the next few months, as well as frustration over the apparent overtones of some characters that will surely be exploited by many in online fighting as much as I can.

    Reverse Flash is also played as an extra "skin" for Flash

    The game where the game is still unfair with all the other characters. As you probably already know, many characters have alternative skin that is actually a new character and so alternative skin for Cheetah's Vixen, for Captain Cold's Mr-freeze, Flash is Reverse Flash Etc. Though their moves are the same, the voice act and appearance are completely different, and encourage many fans to add to the sense of enthusiasm and feel that it really is about other characters. All of them, as well as the announced DLC characters, can only be obtained by purchasing or within some pre-order bonuses (Darkseid, an exceptionally fun game for playing, was only available as pre-order Bonus, the aspect that Capcom changed to Street Fighter V and enabled people to add additional characters, arenas, and the like through playing and earning points (special currency within the game). As always, with all these microtranslations, additional characters and DLCs, we can no longer blame only developers and publishers, and gamers themselves are part of the guilt because, if they did not buy, they would not be sold. Nonetheless, it would be nice to allow at least part of the rostering to be supplemented by other means, not by spending the money.


    We had to dedicate a small part of the reviews to the Injustice 2 mobile version for several reasons. The first is that the game is free. Of course, there are micro-transactions, but it's completely fun and fun, and without that. Graphics, for tablets and cell phones, are pretty brilliant. You can use some of the rewards you get in the mobile version of the game in the main version of the game if you link accounte in both games (Cyborgov premium skin an add-on Grid, is the main prize as soon as you join Account with mobile games). The fourth reason is that the game, in spite of the simplistic mechanical struggle and a much simpler game in general, is quite fun and fun. PvP, extra costumes, collecting characters by random roulette system (as well as everything else today, obviously), and various single play missions offer a good dose of fun in Injustice the world when you are separated from your console

    If you have a more powerful mobile or tablet I strongly recommend that you try and try to get some items that are only available on mobile phones and are a good addition to your online gambling affiliation.


    One of the newer and more important characters in the game, which is not fully exploited. Perhaps in Injustice 3?

    Tower Challenge Mode in Mortal Kombat provides hours and hours single player entertainment with various daily and weekly missions, premise For the various battles that are drawn from the various DC stories and their universe and bring various awards. Like the Tower Challenge Multiverse is here to offer you special awards and to be complemented with crazy missions and even better themed events and rewards long after the game is released. This is what provides a considerable depth single player playing and when adding gear system and long Story mode, ladder mode (type Arcade mode

    where Infinition 2 is the best example of how to make single player to fighting fighting with opponents and getting a short ending game . This aspect is a painful point for many franchises with which they are still struggling (admit it or not), but once again, the guys and girls from NetherRealm Studios have, at least in this area, no one at all. If that's not enough, the local and online multiplayer are here for all those wanting competitions and testing their own skills with other players around the world. It is possible to enter the guilds as well as to collect additional awards by doing various missions, as well as observing your guild and other players on already standard online rankings with the results and average winnings


    Some animations of special moves never boring

    Although I personally still love more Mortal Kombat series, Injustice obviously becomes an important part of Warner Bros and NetherRealma who does not think to leave. However, with beautiful visuals, content that is already available and comes with a gameplay that is tempting for beginners, fans, and more professional players to match this kind of combat mechanics, even this game with an unavoidable title as far as Bids within the first half of 2017 . Additional content, new characters, growing roster new tricks and awards are seen far from coming into this game, which will constantly be enriched with additional things and justify the money you spend on it. It would be nice, however, that once in these games, NetherRealm gave a different way to get all those extra characters (the new XL game release at the end of the year with all the characters included is a pretty safe thing). , After they proved to know how to make story mode which is both long and interesting, reinforce that story and move away from the confrontation between Batman and Superman, who was still in the first injustice. DC has other interesting super heroes and super heroines (as evidenced by their successful and popular series) and would be quite expected and wanted to change something in that area . But if you do not mind, then you have more reasons than me to be happy and delighted with what Injustice 2 brings.