Announced Argo – tactical FPS

From the creators of DayZ and Arma series arriving a tactical FPS called Argo. The game is officially announced on June 22 this year, when you should see the light of Steam.

Argo will be F2P title, and when launching the game will have only one location with three folders, or one folder for each game mode. These three modes will be called Link, Raid and Clash, and all three will be able to play 10 players or 5v5. With competitive gameplay, the game will also include a cooperative sandbox mode with randomly selected goals that players need to complete. After the match is over, players will be awarded with exp points, and with new experience levels will unlock new weapons and equipment.

If you believe in developers, the game will not include microtransformations and will always be free, but those who want to buy “Argo Supporter’s Pack” will include 14 animations for MVP screen after the match, 22 unique fonts, access to premium servers, Ability to use the vehicle in the game editor, and your name is especially highlighted in the leaderboard. The package will be $ 10 at launch.

In addition to the announcement for the game, the trailers for competitive modes have been released and see below.