Rima’s protection overrun in less than a week, the developer removed it for all users

The anti-pirate company Denuvo claims that their program did not affect the performance of the game, but the results after removing the protection say the opposite

Earlier this week, from Tequilla Games, they said they were not sure if Denuvo was protecting the bad performance of their Rime game on certain PC configurations. They also promised to remove suspicious protection as soon as the pirate group finds ways to bypass them in the particular case of their game.

It happened in a matter of weeks, and Tequilla Games decided to remain faithful to the pronounced. The protection was removed with a new, 2.3 gigabyte heavy patch, and then interesting facts came to light. The user who managed to bypass Denuvo protection argues that it was particularly annoying in the case of Rime, where he checked the correctness of the revolving copy more frequently. As the user in question claims, Denuvo is guilty of an improperly long loading on the game, as well as gradually slowing down the game after half an hour of playing

From Dennis, however, argue the other way around – they say they tested Rime before the game was released and that they did not find any results of slowing or damaging the performance of the game. Although we can not say if the team behind Denuva has been overlooked, according to our testing of the game after removing Denuvo protection, loading of the game is really shortened (even twice as shorter than before), and the game itself is running at a stable number of frames per second and there is no huge Oscillations in performance as before. Whether it is desirable to remove Denu or the developer has pulled out the game itself – it’s hard to say.