Nintendo's online gaming subscription is three times cheaper than Sony and Microsoft

Nintendo has slightly changed the policy for its paid online gaming service at the Switch Console and has discovered a fairly affordable subscription price.

When Nintendo announced that Switch players would have to pay a subscription to use the option of playing games in the online multiplayer, no one was particularly delighted. There was no promise that Nintendo will lend a single game from its Virtual Console collection to its subscribers every month – that is, the games are twenty years old. However, the situation has now slightly improved since Nintendo has changed the plan around its online service.

To avoid confusion, online gaming on the Switch Console will be charged, but only next year, and the fee will be symbolic and definitely lower than that paid by PS4 and XBO consoles. For a month in the Nintendo subscription, Nintendo will ask for $ 4, twice for three months, and the subscription for 12 months or the whole year will cost $ 20, which is three times less than the subscription to PS Plus and Xbox Live.

To make things better, the offer of games that will be made under this subscription will not be what Nintendo first promised. To start, more games will be available to the subscriber. The first month will be Super Mario Bros. 3, Dr. Mario and Baloon Fight, and then the games collection will expand. The user will have access to all free games in the collection, anytime, while subscribed to the service.

It is also confirmed that players for voice communication in online matches will need to use a mobile phone. Unfortunately, this good news stops because the headset will need to be connected with the wire and with the Switch Console and with your cell phone. Since the headset does not have two wires, it will need a splitter with two 3.5mm connectors. If your mobile phone does not have a 3.5mm slot, you will need another adapter. In case you want to recharge your mobile phone and at the same time have voice chat in multiplayer, in this case you will need to use three adapters and be tired of the wires that will probably send Nintendo to the unexplored areas