Designer Payday Sniper Unveils Its New Co-Op Horror FPS No Name GTFO

The main designer of the Payday series is working on a new co-operative FPS game for horror gamers, and our special trailer has revealed that it will be called GTFO.

Overkill co-founder and chief designer of the first two payday games Ulf Andersson left Overkill in 2015 to run his own small studio 10 Chambers Collective and started work on his own game. has finally decided to name it GTFO most commonly used as an English phrase get the fuck out but maybe it's just This case means "I'm gonna get a heap of barberry right now", who will know him. "

Mostly, in GTFO, we will have three more friends to explore the terrifying tense environment that can turn into a frenzy of action in seconds. It's an FPS that will check the player's ability to prepare and adapt to various unexpected situations and constant challenges in long runs. Each expedition will allegedly be unique, and we will be able to learn better prepare for them, but we will never feel safe or truly safe, say developers.

Andersson points out that his team is funded, so you can let him play the game in his own way and choose his audience. GTFO will be a specific play for a dedicated cooperative team of two to four players, because although it will be able to play solo, it is not so imagined and wolves will basically die in an endless labyrinth of danger.