Announced Action Game Extinction, Lightly Reminds of Attack on Titan

In Extinction we will fight huge giants and dance around the air to rescue innocent people from the green horde.

Iron Galaxy's development team announced a new action game for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Her name is Extinction, and the theme reminds us of the popular Japanese franchise Attack on Titan. Namely, the race of the big green giants called Legends calls Ravenii attacking towns and eating puk. They are opposed to the Ancient Order of the Sentinel, or a hero whose role is taken over by the player himself.

The avilage called Avil is skillful in climbing and jumping into altitudes, and the enemies are unable to decapitate, since other parts of the body regenerate. Although in the trailer, only one genius is in place, Avil will be able to solve the entire horizon of the game in the final game. This will be aided by a dynamic system of skills that will be adjusted depending on the situation, ie the need.

In addition to a single player's main campaign, the game will also offer Extinction mode (essentially horde mode) as well as the ability to create their own battle scenarios. Developer promises a completely destructive environment and a fast, fluid action, all in the first quarter of 2018. Otherwise, the Iron Galaxy studio has so far had no independent large-scale production ever since they've been working on different game ports for nine years.